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Since 1975

Thanks for visiting Peter Allen and Associates on the Web! We are an Ann Arbor based full service real estate company dedicated to improving the built environment through real estate development, consulting, property management and brokerage. Since 1975 we have made Ann Arbor a better place to live, work, and play. Browse our website and see how we can help you improve the bottom line of your real estate.

Peter Allan & Associates

North Main Corridor

The North Main Corridor has its history as an industrial powerhouse, harnessing the power of the Huron river and serving as a hub of transportation right at the crux of the east to west and north to south Railroads. Since its industrial heyday though, N. Main has become a less than beautiful entrance to Ann Arbor. With the help of others over the past ten years, we have begun to make this area a burgeoning area of recreation, featuring scenic views of the rivers and great architecture in which to work and live. Over the next few years we aim to make it even better, making N. Main and Argo Pond one of the best places in Ann Arbor.

Peter Allan & Associates

Green, Walkable Urbanity

The Ann Arbor real estate industry has gone through an amazing transition since 2004. Today, people and building occupants want a sense of place, convenient access to bars, cafés and housing, and immersed within unique surroundings. Furthermore, as a society, we've finally started to make the connections between the health of our economy, the health of our environment, and the health of our bodies.

Peter Allan & Associates

So, what can we do?

Peter Allen & Associates knows Ann Arbor real estate. From consultation on real estate values and emerging trends to property management, selling, leasing, and tenant/buyer representation, we have the expertise and experience in Ann Arbor to help you leverage your property prospects to their full potential. Take a look at our full services and then get in touch! Give us an hour, and together we’ll find best solutions to all of your real estate needs.

Peter Allan & Associates

Our Property Portfolio

Our firm is dedicated to improving the built environment in Ann Arbor through real estate brokerage, consulting, and development. The redevelopment of the downtown and riverfront areas of Ann Arbor is our prime focus. We believe well-designed, urban, walkable, mixed-use development both adds to the vitality and uniqueness of Ann Arbor and best contributes to its financial performance.

Amenities of the Riverfront

Riverfront at Argo Pond offers all of these
amenities right outside your door:

  1. Biking to Dexter,
  2. Rowing from Argo to Barton,
  3. Whitewater kayaking below Argo Dam,
  4. Walking around Argo Pond,
  5. Frisbee golfing at Bandemere Park
  6. Cross country biking at Bluffs Park

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